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Undergraduate research and creative achievement deliver numerous benefits to individual faculty members and the institutions they serve. An intellectually stimulating and dynamic campus environment reaches beyond the immediate group of faculty and student scholars to build a strong legacy for the future. A collaborative scholarly and creative atmosphere attracts motivated students and talented and committed faculty and staff members. The broader the involvement, the more likely that diverse perspectives will enrich and encourage the exchange of ideas.

Enhancing Mentoring and Teaching. Faculty value the following opportunities: to mentor engaged students, to be an academic role model and influence the careers of undergraduate students, to break down barriers between faculty and students, to directly integrate scholarship and teaching, to improve classroom teaching, and to foster synergy between graduate and undergraduate programs.

Achieving Research, Scholarly, and Creative Outcomes. Students can provide fresh insights to research questions and allow faculty to maintain their professional expertise, enthusiasm, and engagement.  Faculty members value opportunities for intellectual invigoration, to remain current in the discipline and field, to establish collaborations, and to produce results and advance a research program.

Integrating Scholarship and Teaching. Connections with undergrads serve as a vital reminder that teaching and research are not mutually exclusive; many faculty members find that their research activity suggests new approaches and content for courses.

Increasing Job Satisfaction and Personal Development. Additional benefits include the opportunity to renew and reinvigorate enthusiasm, intellectual stimulation, and confidence associated with creative and critical thinking, excitement created by intellectual activity, the opportunity to reinvigorate a program, the opportunity to promote and model lifelong learning, and internal and external recognition.

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