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Undergraduate Summer Research Internship Recipients for 2008

Student’s Name Academic Major Faculty Mentor

Rachael E. Ainsworth


Mike Guidry

Aaron Benson


Sally Brogden

Erick Bowman

Biomedical Engineering

Wei He

Dipti Chhajwani

College Scholars – Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology; Business Administration

Cynthia Peterson

Yue Cao

Electrical Engineering; Mathematics

Leon Tolbert

Chance Donahue

Mechanical Engineering

David Irick

Chris Fox

Civil Engineering

Baoshan Huang

Andrew Hahn

Undeclared/Pre-Med; possible double major in Chemistry/BCMB

David Baker

Christopher Hedgepeth

College Scholars

Russel Hirst

Elizabeth Hobkirk

Fine Arts

Marcia Goldenstein

Greg Houchin


Jeffrey Fairbrother

Michael Jungwirth

College Scholars – English

Rose Ellen Goodchild

Jennifer Laird

Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology

Rebecca Prosser

Stacey Lee

Biological Sciences

Ana Kitazono

Pinky Mahbudani

Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology

Barry Bruce

Katherine McCoy


Kristy Gordon

Samuel Moritmer


Tracy Moir-McClean

Justin Nepa


Sundaresan Venkatachalam

Kristen Reeves

Social Work

Sarah Craun

Jeffrey Tithof

Physics & Mathematics

George Siopsis

Max Trent

Material Science & Engineering

Wei He

Jamie E. Troupe

College Scholars – Animal Behavior and Learning

Susan Riechert

Casey Williams

College Scholars – Medicinal and Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Shane Foister

Ronda Wright


Jason Brown

Danielle Yugo

Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology

Sundaresan Venkatachalam