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Undergraduate Summer Research Internship Recipients for 2011

In an effort to increase the participation of undergraduate students in the research enterprise, the Chancellor’s Office and the Office of Research fund internships of $2,000 each to support students working on research or creative projects with a faculty mentor for two months during the summer.

Student’s Name Academic Major Faculty Mentor
Elizabeth Altizer BCMB John Biggerstaff
Sarah Anderson Theatre Chris Pickart
Jennifer Baldwin Political Science Nate Kelly
Christopher Baxter Nuclear Engineering Arthur Ruggles
David Bernard English Heather Hirschfeld
Phillip Black Accounting & Information Management Joseph Carcello
Bonnie Blalock Material Science & Engineering Charles Melcher
Robert Booher MABE J.E. Lyne
Andrew Bottom MABE Zhili Zhang
Mitch Bowman Chemistry Bin Zhao
Robert Boyd English John Craig
Jennifer Brouner Journalism & Electronic Media Mark Littmann
Michelle Brown BCMB Barry Bruce
Joshua Brown MSE Roberto Benson
Todd Buchkovich Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Joseph Williams
Hiley Bureau Chemistry Robert Hinde
Cody Burleson Psychology Matthew Cooper
Kimberly Burley Communications Rita Geier
Mary Burns Social Work Terri Combs-Orme
Whitney Burton Microbiology Alice Layton
John Burton Public Relations Lisa Fall
Christopher Cameron History Lynn Sacco
Nathan Capps Nuclear Engineering Brian Wirth
Jessica Carswell CEB Steven Ripp
Logan Cook Civil & Environmental Engineering Dayakar Penumadu
Aaron Craig History Lynn Sacco
Kelsey Crane Earth & Planetary Sciences Joshua Emery
Claire Craven Architecture Tricia Stuth, Richard Kelso and Robert French
Morgun Custer Psychology Michael Nash
Peter Duden BCMB Andreas Nebenfuehr
Sarah Eakes Microbiology Chunlei Su
Katherine Eisberg Microbiology Todd Reynolds
James Ensley Civil & Environmental Engineering Baoshan Huang
Meghan Essington History Bob Hutton
Kasey Estenson BCMB Engin Serpersu
Michael Fethe Plant Sciences Neil Stewart
Matthew Floyd Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Emily Austin
Gabriel Garcia MABE Zhao Xiaopeng
Danielle Gerhard Psychology Deborah Baldwin
Jonathan Giles Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Gary Sayler
Thomas Gilmartin MABE Wei He
Samuel Goddard MABE Wei He
Sarah Gosney French Mary McAlpin
Emily Griggs Philosophy Annette Mendola
Alan Hancock EECS Husheng Li
Joseph Hanna MABE Zhili Zhang
Eva Harris English Benjamin Lee
India Harris Psychology Brent Mallinckrodt
Katherine Hatcher BCMB Rebecca Prosser
Kathleen Hauther Anthropology Lee Jantz
Michael Henry Material Science & Engineering Shanfeng Wang
Lily Hoang EECS Jayne Wu and Leon Tolbert
Leah Hooper Animal Science Maria Prado
Collin Howser MABE Richard Komistek
Maggi Hume Philosophy Annette Mendola
Amber Ingram Industrial & Information Engr. Rupy Sawhney
Morgan Johnston Psychology Michael Nash
Megan Johnston Nutrition Sun Zemel
Daniel Jones Microbiology Alison Buchan
Justin Jornd Theory & Practice in Teacher Education Jeffrey Davis
Alicia Keener Music Hillary Herndon
Jordan Kim Microbiology Jeffrey Becker
Michael Knapp Finance Alvaro Taboada
Chelsea Knotts BCMB Jerome Baudry
Zachary Koenig English Amy Billone and Urmila Seshagiri
Courtney Kousser Nutrition John Biggerstaff
Blair Kuykendall College Scholars Hemant Sharma and Otis Stephens
Jessica Lampley BCMB Cynthia Peterson
Jason Lancaster BCMB Barry Bruce
Aaron Lanton English Amy Billone
Anna Lavender Nutrition Zhao Ling
Marta Lee Art – Printmaking Alttrea Murphy-Price
Rebekah Linn Child & Family Studies Elizabeth Johnson
Katherine Lutes Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Cong Trinh
Kelsey McCowan BCMB Goodchild, Rose
Brent McFerrin EECS Bruce MacLennan
Rachel McKane Political Science Jana Morgan
Courtney Michaluk Accounting & Information Management Keith Stanga
Jason Miglin Marketing & Logistics Mary Holcomb
Albert Miller Russian Stephen Blackwell
Emily Morin Material Science & Engineering Wei He
Jacob Morris College Scholars Allen Dunn
Andrew Moss Chemistry David Baker
Jasity Murphy Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Susan Pfiffner
John Norris Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Graham Hickling
Samuel Petschulat English Mark Luprecht
Christian Peyton Political Science Anthony Nownes
Andy Pigg Geology/Environmental Studies Michael McKinney
Spenser Powell Philosophy John Nolt
Sarah Price CEB Gary Sayler and Seung Baek
James Puryear Architecture Tricia Stuth
Matthew Ramsey BCMB Cynthia Peterson
Johanna Reed Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Nathan Sanders
Joshua Richeson Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures Awa Sarr
Ryan Rickels BCMB Mariano Labrador
Thomas Robacker Physics Stefan Spanier
Alexandra Roberts Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Alice Layton
Richard Ross Industrial & Information Engineering Klaus Blache and Joseph Wilck
Jeremy Russell Religious Studies Mark Hulsether
Anna Scruggs Psychology Rex Cannon
Elizabeth Shieh Nursing Kenneth Phillips
Jennifer Smith Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures Stephen Blackwell
Kevin Spellman Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Cong Trinh
Sarah Stout College Scholars Casey Sams
Scott Strickler MABE Xiaopeng Zhao
Tyler Thurston EECS Michael Thomason
Barrett Updegraff Nutrition Jason Collier
Catherine Verdera Music Theory/Composition Kenneth Jacobs
Paolo Vignali College Scholars Rose Goodchild
Kurt Vincent Sociology Lois Presser
Chandlor Wallace Physics Yuri Kamyshkov
Luke Waring College Scholars Sherry Cable
Kiersten White Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Graham Hickling
Lindsey Whitley History Kurt Piehler
Elizabeth Williams College Scholars Bob Kronick
Andrew Wood Psychology Rex Cannon
Shehroz Yakulov Accounting & Information Management Harold Roth
Akshitha Yarrabothuia Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Cong Trinh
Jenna Zalewski Microbiology Steven Wilhelm