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2016 Outstanding Faculty Mentor: Sadie Hutson

Sadie HutsonSadie Hutson is no stranger to recognition, having previously received the Regional Cooperative for Professional Nurses Week RN Clinical Excellence Award (2013) and the ETSU College of Nursing Nurse of the Year award in Research (2007) among others. This spring, she added a new award to her curriculum vitae, becoming one of four faculty members at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville to be named Undergraduate Faculty Research Mentor of the Year.

Hutson, associate professor of nursing, has described her research as investigating “the social and cultural consequences of living with chronic illness in a rural and often underserved region.” She is the principal investigator of NIH-funded research into end-of-life care and service needs for patients living with HIV/AIDS in the Appalachian region.

Students Caroline Darlington and Lauren Speck nominated Hutson for this award. “Dr. Hutson’s clarity, expertise, and passion for nursing research create a learning environment that nurtures critical thinking and make tackling complex concepts enjoyable,” wrote Darlington. “When I joined her research team, she helped me define my own research goals and equipped me with the skills to successfully achieve them. She encouraged my questions and valued my insight.

“One of her most endearing qualities is her ability to connect with her students on a personal level while fostering professionalism and earning deep respect. No matter how busy, she is always willing to talk with me when I need advice…She has given me the feedback and confidence necessary to reach my unique potential.”

Lauren Speck called her “one of the most inspiring individuals I’ve ever met” and wrote that Hutson happily “answered late-night frantic phone calls about life and career advice” and became a friend and mentor.  “I truly believe she can do anything.” Perhaps the most palpable recommendation of all came from Darlington’s nomination, stating that “While she motivates [students] to succeed academically, she also teaches by her example that true greatness comes through selfless dedication and compassion for others.”

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