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Greg Stuart named 1 of 3 Undergraduate Research Mentors of the Year for the College of Arts & Sciences

Congratulations to Dr. Gregory Stuart, one of 2018’s winners of the Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year award.

Students praise Stuart’s in-class instruction and vast body of knowledge, but they especially note the kindness and respect with which he treats his students. Meredith Denney writes that “He is personable and cheerful every time I interact with him. It’s hard to believe someone is that delightful over email. Multiple times when my confidence in my research has lacked, Dr. Stuart went above and beyond to boost my self esteem and encourage me to never give up. With every acceptance email, he would celebrate with me,” and others similarly note Stuart’s dedication to getting to know his students and helping them to succeed. As Dana Conzemius explains, “Dr. Stuart should be considered for the Faculty Research Mentor Award not only because of his diligence and affirmation to help students, but also for his ability to really engage with students to create a life plan.”

Beyond this, his work inside the classroom and beyond enable and support the undergraduate research process, serving as a skilled teacher and guide in professionalization. As Mikaela Trussell writes, “He has given me the opportunity to dive into research as an undergrad and is always an excellent resource for any questions I have about research or graduate school. He values all of his students and makes it known that he wants us all to reach our fullest research potential.”

Dr. Stuart is a professor in psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences. He received a PhD from Indiana University and serves on numerous academic councils and editorial boards. His current research focuses on etiology, prevention, and treatment of intimate partner violence, relationship distress, and addictions.