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How to Begin

Hundreds of undergraduate research and creative activities exist across the UTK campus. From science labs to design studios, from engineering projects to art projects, from religious studies to marketing studies, the opportunities are diverse and decentralized. Each college and departments within colleges approach undergraduate research and creative achievement in their own, unique way.

Undergraduate research and creative activities can be pursued in a variety of ways, which include assisting a faculty member on his or her project, managing your own research project under the mentorship of a faculty member, conducting research as part of a listed course, and conducting research as part of an independent study.

Step 1: Get Involved

Check out the Students section on this site. We offer a twice-weekly Getting Started Seminars, the Explore database of opportunities, and peer mentors to help get you started! You can also go to your college’s website and start exploring your faculty members’ research interests. When you find one whose interests match yours, start by sending an email to that faculty member, asking for an appointment.

Step 2: Tell Us About Your Research

Once you get involved, tell us about it! Use one of our feedback forms and let us know about the great things you are doing.

Step 3: Present It

Now that you’ve done research, share your results with others. Check out the Share Your Research section of the site and choose an event (or more than one) to attend. Hey, we may even pay for you to travel somewhere to share your research with others in your field!