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Current R-designated Courses

Are you looking to participate in research as part of your coursework? Several courses allow for students to experience undergraduate research while earning academic credit. The list is below.

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

EPP 499R: Undergraduate Research

FWF 422R: Rare Species Biology, Conservation and Management

College of Architecture and Design

ARCH 465R: Directed Research

ARCH 478R: Preparation for Self-Directed Diploma Studio

ARCH 498R: Self-Directed Diploma Studio

GRDS 371R: Intermediate Graphic Design I

GRDS 372R: Intermediate Graphic Design II

GRDS 444R: Graphic Design Directed Research

GRDS 471R: Advanced Graphic Design

GRDS 472R: Graphic Design Capstone

College of Arts and Sciences

ANTH 430R: Archaeological Field School at Coan Hall

ARTA 431R: Photography III

ARTA 461R: Advanced Print Workshop

ARTB 421R: Advanced Ceramic Sculpture

ARTB 422R: Advanced Pottery

ARTD 351R: Intermediate Graphic Design I

ARTD 352R: Intermediate Graphic Design II

ARTD 444R: Graphic Design Research

ARTD 452R: Graphic Design Capstone

BCMB 452R: Independent Research in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology

GEOG 450R: Landscapes: Earth and Elsewhere

GEOL 450R: Landscapes: Earth and Elsewhere

MICR 401R: Undergraduate Research in Microbiology

MICR 402R: Advanced Undergraduate Research in Microbiology

REST 486R: Dig Jordan Field School

REST 491R: Foreign Studies DIG JORDAN

College of Communication and Information

ADV340R: Advertising Research

PBRL340R: Public Relations Research Methods

College of Education, Health, and Human Services

None for AY2019-20

College of Nursing

NURS 371R: Nursing Research

NURS 378R: Honors: Nursing Research

NURS 388R: Nursing Honors Mentorship

NURS 471R: Nursing Research

NURS 477R: Honors: Nursing Research

NURS 488R: Nursing Honors Capstone

College of Social Work

SW 417R: Honors Social Work Research

SW 467R: Honors Integrative Seminar

Haslam College of Business

BAS 494R: Quantitative Research in Business Analytics

ECON 381R: Introduction to Econometrics

Tickle College of Engineering

MSE 496R: Undergraduate Research