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Display Board Rental

The Office of Undergraduate Research and the Office of Research and Engagement have purchased poster display boards for use during EURēCA and Discovery Day. The boards are available to other on-campus departments for rental when not in use and can be reserved at a cost of $10 per unit per day using the form below. Each hanger can support 2 pieces of artwork. Payment should be made by departmental transfer. (This is a new program and pricing and terms may change.)

Display Board

Poster Board Specifications

  • Displays come in 2 pieces that are stacked on top of each other to create the finished product in the picture.
  • Each finished display has 3 sides that consist of 4 panels per side 23.5″ wide and 35.5″ tall.
  • The overall Unit width x height x depth is  42.3″ x 71.0″ x 42.3″.
  • Posters should be adhered using only Velcro in order to extend the life of the unit.

Responsibility of Renter

  • The renter is responsible for pick-up and return of the units (from 3rd floor, Melrose Hall).
  • The renter agrees to use Velcro only as a means to attach posters to the display.
  • Units must be returned by the date and time in the rental agreement.
  • Units returned after the accepted return date will be assessed a $10 per day per unit fee.
  • Damaged units will be assessed a fee of $200 each to cover the cost of replacement.

Your department account will be charged after you pick-up the units. Once we confirm your dates are available, we will provide instructions for picking up and returning the boards.

Display Board Rental Interest Form

Displays are available on an as available basis and are not guaranteed by completion of the form below.