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List of research and creative courses

While most of these courses do not carry the rigorous R-designation, they do involve some research or creative component as part of the course. Both honors and non-honors courses are listed below. If you landed directly on this page, make sure you check out the list of R-designated courses too.

*denotes capstone or thesis course that Chancellor’s Honors students can use in lieu of UNHO 498

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (and College of Vet Med)

Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications ALEC499 Undergraduate Research
Agriculture and Natural Resources AGNR497* Honors Research
Agriculture and Natural Resources AGNR498* Honors Thesis
Animal Science ANSC499 Undergraduate Research
Agricultural and Resource Economics AREC356 Marketing Team Participation
Agricultural and Resource Economics AREC 499 Undergraduate Research
Biosystems Engineering BSE 402* Biosystems Engineering Design II
Biosystems Engineering BSE499 Research Problem in Biosystems Engineering
Entomology and Plant Pathology EPP499R Undergraduate Research
Environmental and Soil Sciences ESS 499 Research in Enviro/Soil Sci
Food Science FDSC 499 Undergraduate Research in Food Science
Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries FWF 499 Undergraduate Research
Plant Sciences PLSC 499 Undergrad Research Participatn
Comparative and Experimental Medicine CEM411 Undergraduate Research Participation


College of Architecture and Design

Architecture ARCH 370 Research and Design
Architecture ARCH371 Design as Applied Research
Architecture ARCH 431 Integration of Building Systems in Design
Architecture ARCH465 Directed Research
Architecture ARCH467 Honors Seminar: Methodologies of Architectural Research
Architecture ARCH471 Integration Design Studio
Architecture ARCH477 Honors: Independent Study in Architecture
Architecture ARCH478 Preparation for Self-Directed Diploma Studio
Architecture ARCH496 Advanced Architectural Design
Architecture ARCH 497* Independent Study – Advanced Architectural Design Studio
Architecture ARCH 498* Self-Directed Diploma Studio
Architecture ARCH 499* Diploma Thematic Studio
Design DSGN130 Basic Design Thinking and Innovation
Design DSGN430 Design Thinking and Innovation
Interior Architecture IARC493 Directed Studies in Interior Architecture
Interior Design IDS 477* Honors: Advanced Interior Design II


College of Arts and Sciences

Anthropology ANTH 430R Archaeological Field School at Coan Hall
Anthropology ANTH 457* Senior Honors in Anthropology
Art ART484 Museum Studies III: Field Projects
Art Design/Graphic ARTD444 Graphic Design Research
Audiology and Speech Pathology AUSP 457* Senior Honors Thesis
Baker Center for Public Policy BCPP 497* Baker Scholars Project
Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology BCMB200 Introduction to Undergraduate Research
Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology BCMB452* Independent Research in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology (honors and non-honors versions)
Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology BCMB 457* Honors Thesis
Chemistry CHEM400 Research in Chemistry
Chemistry CHEM 408* Honors: Research in Chemistry
Classics CLAS 498* Honors Thesis
College Scholars HONR 498* Honors: College Scholars Studies
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology EEB400 Undergraduate Research
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology EEB 407* Senior Honors Thesis
Economics ECON 498* Senior Honors Thesis
English ENGL290 Intermediate Writing and Research
English ENGL298 Chancellor’s Honors Writing II
English ENGL 498* Senior Honors Thesis
Geography GEOG494 Undergraduate Research Experience
Geography GEOG 498* Honors: Senior Thesis
Geology GEOL440 Field Geology
Geology GEOL493 Independent Study
Geology GEOL 497* Honors: Senior Thesis
History HIST 408* Honors: Senior Paper
History HIST499 Senior Research Seminar
Interdisciplinary Programs INPG 497* Honors Thesis
Mathematics MATH 497* Undergraduate Honors Seminar
Mathematics MATH 498* Senior Honors Thesis
Microbiology MICR401 Undergraduate Research in Microbiology
Microbiology MICR402* Advanced Undergraduate Research in Microbiology (honors and non-honors)
Music MUSC 497* Honors Senior Project
Philosophy PHIL 407* Honors: Thesis
Physics PHYS293 Introduction to Research
Physics PHYS493 Research and Independent Study
Physics PHYS 498* Honors Thesis in Physics
Political Science POLS 488* Senior Honors: Thesis and Seminar
Psychology PSYC367 Psychology Honors Project
Psychology PSYC 467* Psychology Honors Thesis
Psychology PSYC489 Supervised Research
Sociology SOCI331 Sociological Research
Sociology SOCI431 Applied Sociological Research
Sociology SOCI 457* Honors Thesis in Sociology
Spanish SPAN494S Spanish Community Service Practicum
Religious Studies REST 408* Honors: Senior Thesis, II
Religious Studies REST 491R Foreign Studies DIG JORDAN
Theatre THEA 497* Honors: Senior Project


College of Communication and Information

Advertising ADVT340R Advertising and Public Relations Research Methods
Communication Studies CMST 498* Senior Honors Thesis
Public Relations PBRL 340R Public Relations Research Methods


College of Education, Health, and Human Services

Child and Family Studies CFS481 Research in Child and Family Studies
Child and Family Studies CFS490 Practicum: Research
Child and Family Studies CFS 497* Honors: Child and Family Studies
Kinesiology KNS 497* Honors Research Project
Nutrition NUTR493 Research
Retail and Consumer Science RCS 497* Honors: Retail and Consumer Science
Retail and Consumer Science RCS 498* Honors: Retail and Consumer Science
Special Education SPED325 Applied Research Designs for Diverse Learners
Special Education SPED422 Field Experiences in Special Education Programs: Moderate to Severe Disabilities


College of Nursing

Nursing NURS471 Nursing Research
Nursing NURS472 Evidence Based Practice and Nursing Research
Nursing NURS 477* Honors Nursing Research


College of Social Work

Social Work SOWK 417R Honors Social Work Research
Social Work SOWK 467R Honors: Integrative Seminar


Haslam College of Business

Economics ECON 498* Senior Honors Thesis
*Global Leadership Scholars BUAD 497* Honors Thesis
Marketing MARK 360 Market Research


Tickle College of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering AE 429* Aerospace System Design
Biomedical Engineering BME 469* Biomedical Engineering Design II
Chemical Engineering CBE 467* Honors: Engineering Internship in Process Control
Chemical Engineering CBE 488* Honors: Design Internship in Green Engineering
Chemical Engineering CBE 498* Honors Thesis
Civil Engineering CE 400* Senior Design Project
Computer Science COSC 402* Senior Design
Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 402* Senior Design
Industrial Engineering IE 404* Senior Problems Analysis
Industrial Engineering IE 422* Senior Problems Analysis
Materials Science and Engineering MSE 489* Materials Design
Mechanical Engineering ME 450* Mechanical Engineering Design I
Mechanical Engineering ME 460* Mechanical Engineering Design II
Nuclear Engineering NE 472* Nuclear System Design
Nuclear Engineering NE498 Research


Non-College Affiliated Courses

 University Honors UNHO 497* Honors Thesis Research
 University Honors UNHO 498* Honors Thesis Project
International Education INTE 250 International Research


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