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ORNL Summer Research Poster Session

Thirty-three students from the University of Tennessee, listed below, participated in the poster session. Many have shared their posters or abstracts here for your convenience. For more information on future research opportunities at ORNL, please visit ORAU website.

Since 1946, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has supported academic education by offering opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, and postgraduates to conduct research at its unique state-of-the-art facilities. Research presented at the 2011 poster session was conducted through the following programs:

  • DOE Community College Institute
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • DOE faculty and Student Teams
  • Higher Education Research Experience
  • Nuclear Engineering Student Laboratory Synthesis
  • Research Alliance in Math and Science
  • DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship
  • Volkswagen
Meredith BoehmMeredith Boehm
Project: Redesigning the FLUXNET Web Site to Enhance the User Experience
Mentor: Robert Cook
Austin BowAustin Bow
Project: Exploration of 3D Ditigal Image System in High Rate Tensile Tests
Mentor: Donald Erdman
Christopher BowlandChristopher Bowland
Project: Preparation and Characterization of Polyethylene Fiber for Catbon Fiber Production
Mentor: Amit Naskar
Braden BrownBraden Brown
Project: Multi-pellet Thermal Calculation
Mentor: Matthew Blackston
Wes BrummetteWes Brummette
Project: Conceptual Design of an ORNL Biomass Farm Central Operations Area
Mentor: Erin Web
Emily BuckmanEmily Buckman
Project: Computer-Aided Analysis of Nanoparticle Aggregates in TEM Photomicrographs
Mentor: Teresa Baron
John BuerhausJohn Buerhaus
Project:Spatio-temporal Analysis of Civilian, Coalition, and Enemy deaths in Afghanistan
Mentor: Richard Medina
Chelsea BurnhamChelsea Burnham
Project: Radium-228 Separation and Thorium-229 Production
Mentor: Rose Boll
Richard Logan ColbertRichard Logan Colbert
Project: Support of D&D Operations in the ORNL Central Campus
Mentor: Tom Conley
Dominic DePaoliDominic DePaoli
Project: Simulink Cruise Control Model
Mentor: David Smith
Evan DowningEvan Downing
Project: Multivariate Visualizations Using Protovis Graphical Toolkit
Mentor: David Resseguie
Nora DunkirkNora Dunkirk
Project: ORNL Investments in Laboratory Directed Research and Development
Mentor: Jessy Labbe
Cole GentryCole Gentry
Project: Application of Fully Ceramic Microencapsulated Fuels for Transuranic Waste Recycling
Mentor: Jess Gehin
Nathan GeorgeNathan George
Project:Uranium-Based Fully Ceramic Micro-Encapsulated Particle Fuel in Light Water Reactors
Mentor: K. Terrani
Davis HuDavis Hu
Project:The Effect of Substituent Side Chain Length and Solvent Induced Transformations
Mentor: Ilia Ivanov
Timothy JacksonTimothy Jackson
Project: Photon-based Methods for Non-Destructive Assay of Spent Nuclear Fuel
Mentor: Cathy Romano
Matthew JonesMatthew Jones
Project: Interaction of 2, 4, 6 – Trinitrotoluene with Organic Material, Clay Minerals, and Organic Material-Clay
Mentor: Melanie Mayes
Andrew KaminskyAndrew Kaminsky
Project: Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of a Proposed SNS Second Target Station
Mentor: Ashraf Abdou
Cary KuliashaCary Kuliasha
Project: The Effect of Creep and Compressive Deformation on the Transport Properties of Bismuth Telluride
Mentor: Edgar Lara-Curzio
Aaron MishtalAaron Mishtal
Project: Automated Generation of Honey Tokens to Curtail Damage from Insider Threats
Mentor: Craig Shue
James Mulkey Jr.James Mulkey Jr.
Project: Design and Construction of Neutron Spin Flipper
Mentor: Yoon Kang
Phillip ParduePhillip Pardue
Project: Continuing Applied Research for Condition Based Maintenance of the Light Armored Vehicle
Mentor: Cyrus Smith
Aaron PhillippeAaron Phillippe
Project: Validation of the AMP Code
Mentor: Kevin Clarno
Susan ReidSusan Reid
Project: The Effects of Cmaping Pressure on Fuel Cell Performance
Mentor: Todd Toops
Robert RogersRobert Rogers
Project: Analysis of Inertial Measurement Units for Use in Mobile Gait Project
Mentor: John Mueller
Katherine RushKatherine Rush
Project: Expression, Purification and Solubility Optimization of the Hg(II) – specific Transcriptional Regulator MerR
Mentor: Alex Johs
Elizabeth SherrillElizabeth Sherrill
Project: Semi-Automated Data Extraction and Analysis for Medical Data
Mentor: Barbara Beckerman
Curtis TaylorCurtis Taylor
Project: Using Domain Name System to Thwart Automated Client-Based Attacks
Mentor: Craig Shue
Allison TothAllison Toth
Project: Summer Seminar Series
Mentor: Alna Zhernosek
Spenser WalshSpenser Walsh
Project: Reactor Production of 63Ni via Neutron Capture on Highly Enriched 62Ni
Mentor: Rose Boll
Michael WilsonMichael Wilson
Project: Load Measurement Using Strain Gages in High-Rate Tensile Testing
Mentor: Donald Erdman
Stephen WoodStephen Wood
Project: Shock Driven Fluid Structure Interaction for Civil Design
Mentor: Ralf Deiterding
Tim YounkinTim Younkin
Project: Emission Spectroscopy of RF Helicon Heated Plasmas
Mentor: Ted Biewer