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Marybeth ParkerMarybeth Parker

Major: Materials Science and Engineering, Chancellor’s Honors—Class of 2012

“It’s really important to start early. It sets a precedent for college and your career. I’ve been fortunate to work with a variety of scientists at ORNL and UT, and I feel like I have a jumpstart into work.”

Cody SwallowsCody Swallows

Major: College Scholars, Emphasis on Learning & Memory—Class of 2011

“My research experiences have changed the course of my career. I plan to be a physician and researcher, which requires a lot of research experience. The best way toward a great research experience is to try it by seeking out faculty and discussing your interests with them. Be persistent, and your efforts will always pay off.”

Holly KaneHolly Kane

Major: Journalism and Electronic Media—Class of 2011

“When you get involved in research or creative activities, don’t settle for mediocrity. Also, be sure to participate in EURēCA. You’ve already done the work, and it’s a chance to see everyone else’s work. You hear about the late nights, but it’s good to also see the results.”

Seth CollinsSeth Collins

Major: Studio Art, 4D Concentration—Class of 2012

“Art is a challenging major. You have to make an effort if you want to go beyond the classroom experience. It’s not about the grade; it’s about the portfolio. The people who make the most of it spend all of their time in the studio. Like me, they want to stretch their brain as much as possible.”

Alexandria ButlerAlexandria Butler

Major: Biomedical Engineering—Class of 2012

“Research allows you to make connections with top students, postdocs and faculty. It influences me to do better. Any minority student in science, technology, engineering or math should definitely come to TLSAMP events. There are lots of opportunities, and you can meet so many people.”

Casey ArthurCasey Arthur

Major: Architecture—Class of 2011

“Getting involved in creative activities outside the classroom will lead you to learn about something that you’d not thought about before, to acquire tools that others might not have, and to gain confidence and communications skills.”

Eric MartinEric Martin

Major:Engineering Physics, Chancellor’s Honors—Class of 2012

“My mentor doesn’t have unrealistic expectations, but he pushes me. We’ve had many interactions and lunches, where I can ask any questions I have. Plus, the whole lab group walks me through the experience.”

Madelyn CrawfordMadelyn Crawford

Major: Biochemistry and Cellular & Molecular Biology—Class of 2013

“Even as an undergraduate, you can make genuine contributions. At first, I was uncertain about graduate school or medical school, diagnostic work or research. The research experience at UT has made that decision easy for me. I found more of the pure science that I love in research.”

Erica HawkinsErica Hawkins

Major: Biomedical Engineering—Senior, Class of 2011

“Research has opened many doors for me that I did not know existed. Through research, I have been able to find what interests me and a group of people who have the same interests. I believe if graduate school is for you, undergraduate research is a definite plus.”

Cara TurskiCara Turski

Major: Microbiology—Sophomore, Class of 2013

“Undergraduate research has given me a community I belong to. It’s been an invaluable experience. I know so much more about my classes. I have more people as resources, and it makes me work harder.”

James O. EnsleyJames O. Ensley, III

Major: Civil Engineering—Junior, Class of 2012

“Undergraduate research provides a chance to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom and opens up other possibilities. I plan to use my experiences to further my academic career through graduate school.”

Liz MorrowLiz Morrow

Major: Microbiology—Senior, Class of 2010

“Undergraduate research has given me a sense of persistence and a new perspective as I learn through others’ experiences.”

Ross ShaverRoss Shaver

Position: Structural Design Engineer, BWSC, Inc.

“Undergraduate research took my education to a level that the classroom could not.”


Helena PoundHelena Pound

Major: Wildlife and Fisheries Science—Sophomore, Class of 2013

“I realize that this is an awesome opportunity, and I want to gain this experience. Working in the lab has enhanced my view of UT. Dr. Wilhelm mentors all of us; he mentors the grad students, and they mentor us, too. It’s a very supportive environment.”