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Discovery LLC

The Discovery Living and Learning Community (LLC) gives students, from all majors, the opportunity to engage in faculty-mentored research projects that solve problems, generate new knowledge and create new ways of looking at the world.In a unique partnership with the UTK Seed Library, students will participate in a research methods course during the fall semester, and a faculty led group research project during the spring semester. The UTK Seed Library will provide opportunities for group research experiences in all disciplines. Additionally, students will participate in undergraduate research seminars on topics of interest to new researchers. This is a great opportunity to learn the skills of research in a supportive community of peers. Undergraduate research opens doors to graduate school, exciting careers, and success in life. Find your passion. Join Discovery!

Sample research project categories include:

  • Food insecurity and food access issues; Identifying food deserts in Knoxville and beyond
  • Starting and transplanting seeds, monitoring soil conditions
  • Biodiversity and environmental sustainability
  • Community and container gardens in neighborhoods, schools, and assisted living facilities
  • Personal gardening and healthy lifestyles
  • Collecting and visualizing stories of seed library use and personal gardening
  • Food and culture: connecting indigenous seeds to cultural communities

All students will have the opportunity to:

  • Find and use existing research and data across disciplines
  • Participate in seed sorting parties

Why Discovery? Students will gain:

  • Exposure to all aspects of the research process (finding, synthesizing, and creating knowledge) through an FYS 101 research focused course
  • Interaction with faculty who conduct research in a variety of disciplines
  • Social, community-service, educational and multi-cultural programs
  • Academic support through in-house study groups for all major introductory science and math classes
  • Research assistance from librarians
  • Opportunity to participate in a group research project as a freshman
  • Access to Discovery Peer Advisor to discuss research experience and Discovery Study Groups
  • Participation in the Freshman Conference, a specialized poster presentation of the research conducted by Discovery LLC freshmen, held at the Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement (EURēCA) in the spring
  • Opportunity to continue in the Discovery LLC as upperclassmen

Freshmen residents in the Discovery LLC will be required to:

  • Enroll in a designated fall FYS101 course and a designated spring FYS129 course.
  • Engage in a faculty-sponsored group research project in conjunction with the UTK Seed Library, for at least 6 hours per week during the spring semester.
  • Attend 6 of 12 undergraduate research seminars during the fall and spring semesters
  • Attend 2 LLC luncheons per semester
  • Attend 4 LLC social events per semester

Sophomore residents (and above) in the Discovery LLC will be required to:

  • Serve as a project mentor for freshmen teams working on a UTK Seed Library research project with a related independent project or find a faculty-sponsored research project in your discipline and participate for at least 10 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters (optional academic credit)
  • Attend 6 of 12 undergraduate research seminars during the fall and spring semesters
  • Attend 2 LLC luncheons per semester
  • Attend 4 LLC social events per semester

You can request placement in Discovery on your on-campus housing application. We welcome both freshman and upperclassmen, but make your request early as spots are limited!

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