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Discovery Day

Take your learning to the next level and stop by Discovery Day!

You’ll have the chance to learn more about getting involved in undergraduate research at UTK as well as see posters of student research and creative activity undertaken in the spring or summer months. Discovery Day is a time to view what students are researching both on and off campus and learn about how to get started in undergraduate research at UTK.

Discovery Day 2020 will be held Wednesday,August 26, 2020 in virtual format using Symposium by ForagerOne.

We invite all, those already involved in research, those interested in getting started, or those who are just curious to stop by the event!

Interested in showing your research and creative activity?

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Registration is closed for our 2020 event.

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Schedule of Live Sessions

August 26, 2020

All live sessions can be accessed using the “Live Sessions” tab at our Discovery 2020 symposium site. **You will need to create an account and sign in to view the presentations

Session 1

10:00 – 11:00 a.m. (EDST)

*All times are approximate

10:00 AM  Lauren Eccles

“Solid State Synthesis of Monophasic Silicate Minerals”

Faculty Mentor(s): Chris Wetteland

10:10 AM  Jimin Lee and Michelle Claxton

“Using Mimetas’ Blood Brain Barrier-on-a-Chip Model to Manipulate the Caveolae-Mediated Transcytosis through the Protein Mfsd2a to Enhance Drug Delivery across the Blood Brain Barrier”

Faculty Mentor(s): Rebecca Prosser and Christopher Baker

10:20 AM  Jackson Spurling

“Supercritical Synthesis of VO2 Nanoparticles for Smart Window Films”

10:30 AM  Sarah Warner

“Eradication of Cronobacter sakazakii through means of Ultraviolet Light”

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Doris D’ Souza

10:40 AM  Wesleigh Wright

“Project #7: Montgomery 1960 (Version 2.0) – Integrating Marginalized Voices”

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Karen Boyd, Dr. Cary Staples

10:50 AM  Abegale Costilla

“Business Management During COVID-19 : Domino’s Pizza Strategies”

Faculty Mentor(s): Michelle Lynn Childs , Christopher T Sneed

11:00 AM  Saed Briseno

“Plant Morphogenesis”

Faculty Mentor: Elena D. Shpak




Session 2

12:00 – 2:00 p.m. (EDST)

12:00 PM  Kenneth Bott

“Nuclear Data processing for Monte Carlo Algorithms”

Faculty Mentor(s): Vladimir Sobes

12:10 PM  Sarah Perez, Itzanami Hernandez, Deema Mansour, and Brie Noyes

“Perineuronal net expression in primary somatosensory cortex changes after maternal experience in an age-dependent manner”

Faculty Mentor(s): Keerthi Krishnan

12:20 PM  Destiny Matheson

“Plant-Pollinator Matching: Morphological Traits Informing Pollinator Visitation”

Faculty Mentor(s): Laura Russo

12:30 PM  Gregory Croisdale

“Improving the Empathetic Response of Academically Focused Students through Historical Gamification”

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Karen Boyd and Cary Staples

12:40 PM  Paul Harmston

“Collimator optimization for BL3: Next generation neutron beam lifetime experiment”

Faculty Mentor(s): Nadia Fomin

12:50 PM  Sydney Wyatt

“The effects of sex and social status on behavior and neural activity in the ventral medial amygdala”

Faculty Mentor(s): Matthew Cooper

1:00 PM  Mikayla Prince

“Sustainable Development of Broiler Chicken in Rwanda”

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Andrew Muhammad

1:10 PM  Hannah Lee

“Creative Processing of Mouse Brain Slices In Search of PNN Gestalt”

Faculty Mentor(s): Keerthi Krishnan and Cary Staples

1:20 PM  Lance Drouet

“Supporting the Development of a Novel Semiconductor-Based Thermal Neutron Imaging Detector”

Faculty Mentor(s): Eric Lukosi

1:30 PM  Madison Oldendorf

“Consumer Behavior and Retailing related to COVID-19”

Faculty Mentor(s): Michelle Childs, Christopher Sneed

1:40 PM  Adam Klibisz

“Microplastic Abundance and Composition in the Tennessee River”

Faculty Mentor(s): Andrew D. Steen

1:50 PM  Annie Liu

“Stigmatization and Chinese-Owned Small Businesses (COSB): COVID-19’s Impact”

Faculty Mentor(s): Michelle Childs and Christopher Sneed


Session 3

4:00 – 5:10  p.m.. (EDST)

4:00 PM  Madeline Loveday

“Analysis of High Entropy Ceramics Prepared Via Steric Entrapment and Solid-State Sintering Methods: Crystal Structure”

Faculty Mentor(s): Mariya Zhuravleva

4:10 PM  Maria Dassow

“Optimal Scheduling of Chemo- and Immunotherapy for a Tumor-Immune System”

Faculty Mentor(s): Seddik Djouadi

4:20 PM  Michael Bloodworth

“Montgomery 1960”

Faculty Mentor(s): Cary Staples

4:30 PM  Zaky Hussein

“Evaluating the Extrudability of Common thermoplastic feedstock for Fused Filament Fabrication Systems”

Faculty Mentor(s): Chad Duty

4:40 PM   Aruha Khan

“An Analysis of the Impact of Alpha–Particle Emitting Isotopes upon Prostate Cancer Treatment”

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Lawrence Heilbronn

4:50 PM  Matthew Reeder

“Characterization of Different Pulses as Sources of Food Ingredients for Agricultural and Food Sustainability”

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Vermont Dia

5:00 PM  Ashley Miller

“Vocabulary Skills Predict Decision Making”

Faculty Mentor(s): Aaron Buss


Poster dimensions are requested to be no larger than  36” x 42” regardless of horizontal or vertical orientation (so either 36” tall x 42” wide or 36” wide x 42” tall).

Non-poster displays can be accommodated but must be registered with our office for planning purposes. Contact with your request.