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Discovery Day 2020  Participants

Student Name Major Project Title Faculty Mentor
Adams, Jordan



Speech Pathology Montgomery 1960: The 5 Practices of Leadership Exemplified by Student Activists Dr. Karen Boyd
Adams, Samantha Retail and Consumer Science Small Businesses Effects from COVID-19 Michelle Childs, Chris Sneed
Allen, Elexis and Pinson, Maya Biomedical Engineering Utilization of Machine Learning Principles in Relation to the Sequencing Accuracy of Plant Genomes via Nanopore Technologies Dr. Anahita Khojandi  and Dr. Theodore Papamarkou
Artley, Jay English- Technical Writing Concentration Molten Salt Reactor Research Ondrej Chvala
Ashlyn Quesnel BCMB Characterizing RARB as a Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Therapeutic Target Elias Fernandez
Bennett, Mary Geography and Political Science Montgomery 1960 Dr. Karen Boyd & Dr. Cary Staples
Biddle, Brynn Biology-BCMB Predicting Intrinsically Disordered Protein Feature States using Machine Learning and Deep Neural Network Algorithms Dr. Debsindhu Bhowmik
Bloodworth Michael Graphic Design Montgomery 1960 Cary Staples
Bott, Kenneth Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Data processing for Monte Carlo Algorithms Vladimir Sobes
Bowden, Zaria Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology The Effect of Covid-19 on Higher Education Michelle Childs and Chris Sneed
Briseno, Said BCMB Plant Morphogenesis Elena D Shpak
Bryan, Harper Mathematics Intersection of ecology and graph theory Micheal Langston
Bryant, Grace Applied Mathematics Replication Modelling in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Vitaly Ganusov
Buchanan, James with

Hunter, Travis and

Waller, Josephine


Chemical Engineering “Finding Nemo” but with ultrasounds… and not fish Keerthi Krishnan
Cartagena, Adriana Nuclear Engineering Density of Chloride Salts Through Molar Counting Ondrej Chvala
Cawthon Jr., Bridgie Chemical Engineering Investigation of the Effect of Hydrophobicity on Protein Extraction Capabilities of SMA Copolymers Brian Long
Childress, Blake Computer Science Low Cost ICS Testbed Fan Zhang
Chrisman, Tucker Business The Future of Grocery Stores Michelle Childs, Christopher Sneed
Clark, Paige Nursing The Effects of Aromatherapy on Pediatric Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV) Kathleen Thompson
Costarella, Dominique with

Thomason, Claire

Neuroscience A Model System to Observe the Interaction Between FGFR1 and FGF5 in Glioblastoma Cells Utilizing the Transient Induced Molecular Electronic Spectroscopy Method Dr. Rebecca Prosser and Dr. Chris Baker
Costilla, Abegale Child and Family Studies Community Outreach Business Management During COVID-19 : Domino’s Pizza Strategies Michelle Lynn Childs , Christopher T Sneed
Cousins, Elizabeth Neuroscience , honors Do Anxiety and Temperament relate to Cognitive Biases in a Community Sample? Kristy Allen
Croisdale, Gregory Computer Science Improving the Empathetic Response of Academically Focused Students through Historical Gamification Dr. Karen Boyd and Cary Staples
Dancer, Isabelle Chemistry Research and Development of Natural, Microemulsion Lotions and Spice Extracted  Dyes Dr. Bhavya Sharma
Dassow, Maria Mathematics and French Optimal Scheduling of Chemo- and Immunotherapy for a Tumor-Immune System Seddik Djouadi
Drouet, Lance Nuclear Engineering Supporting the Development of a Novel Semiconductor-Based Thermal Neutron Imaging Detector Eric Lukosi
Eccles, Lauren Chemical Engineering Solid State Synthesis of Monophasic Silicate Minerals Chris Wetteland
Ellis, Amanda Psychology Montgomery 1960
Emmett, Jeffery Civil Engineering Impact of Stormwater Runoff and Stream Sediment on Bacterial Communities in Stream-water Qiang He
Frye, Katherine with

James, Zachary

Chemical Engineering Effect of Mixing Time and Filler Volume Percent on Thermal Conductivity of Resin Based Composites Brett Compton
George, Sean with

Shore, Jeremy and

Grant, Jordan


Electrical Engineering Camera Remote Estimation of Physiological Parameters in NICU Xiaopeng Zhao, Tami Wyatt
Hagan, Aisling with

Padovani, Allison

Agricultural Education Do We Eat Our Feelings During Times of Crisis? Michelle Childs, Christopher Sneed
Hardwig, Lily English Literature Cross Cultural Empathy Through Reading: Literature’s Potential to Help and Hurt in a Bigoted Society Katy Chiles
Harmston Physics Collimator optimization for BL3: Next generation neutron beam lifetime experiment Nadia Fomin
Helton, Carson Biomedical Engineering Measurement and Analysis of Pressure Profile for Nozzle Based Single Screw Extrusion Systems Dr. Chad Duty
Hervey, Aaron Utk Financial and Mental Resilience During a Pandemic Michelle Childs, Christopher Sneed
Hill, Ashtyn BCMB IMR90 Differentiation into Mesenchymal Stem Cells Rachel McCord
Howard, Victoria Mathematics Rare Event Sampling in Bistable Reaction Networks Steven Abel
Howell, Kay Industrial & Systems Engineering Manipulating Job Sequencing and Tool Switching to Optimize Processes & Minimize Makespan in Manufacturing Systems Jim Ostrowski
Huang, Alice with

Torres-Lopez, Allie

Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology Characterization of proteins with unknown functions detected in the proteome of ΔcheA1, ΔcheA4 and ΔcheA1 ΔcheA4 chemotaxis mutants of Azospirillum brasilense Gladys Alexandre
Huang, Samantha Graphic Design Visual Solutions to Virtual Healthcare Cary Staples, Lisa Merritt, Xueping Li
Hussein, Zaky Mechanical Engineering Evaluating the Extrudability of Common thermoplastic feedstock for Fused Filament Fabrication Systems Chad Duty
James , cydney Business management Small Businesses Through the Lenses of COVID-19: Analyzing the Behavior of Customers  during an epidemic. Michelle Lynn Childs
Jefferson, Taylor Communications Montgomery 1960 Karen Boyd
Jenna Laughlin Food Science Characterization of Different Pulses as Sources of Food Ingredients for Agricultural and Food Sustainability Vermont Dia
Jordan Grant with

Shore, Jeremy,

George, Sean and

Lee, Ariana

Biomedical Engineering Camera Remote Estimation of Heart Rate using a Single Board Computer (CARE in the NICU) Xiaopeng Zhao, Tami Wyatt
Khan, Aruha Biological Sciences & Finance An Analysis of the Impact of Alpha–Particle Emitting Isotopes upon Prostate Cancer Treatment Dr. Lawrence Heilbronn
King, Lauren Psychology Interactions of Race and Breast Cancer Mortality in Appalachia Patricia Roberson
Klibisz, Adam Geology & Environmental Studies Microplastic Abundance and Composition in the Tennessee River Andrew D. Steen
LaFollette, Anna Geography Developing and Pollen and Charcoal Record from Laguna de Felipe in the Dominican Republic Sally Horn
Lee, Hannah BCMB Creative Processing of Mouse Brain Slices In Search of PNN Gestalt Keerthi Krishnan and Cary Staples
Lee, Jimin with

Claxton, Michelle

Neuroscience Using Mimetas’ Blood Brain Barrier-on-a-Chip Model to Manipulate the Caveolae-Mediated Transcytosis through the Protein Mfsd2a to Enhance Drug Delivery across the Blood Brain Barrier Rebecca Prosser and Christopher Baker
Liu, Annie Global Studies and Geography Stigmatization and Chinese-Owned Small Businesses (COSB): COVID-19’s Impact Michelle Childs and Christopher Sneed
Loveday, Madeline Materials Science and Engineering Analysis of High Entropy Ceramics Prepared Via Steric Entrapment and Solid-State Sintering Methods: Crystal Structure Mariya Zhuravleva
Manard, J’Air Human Resource Management The Impact of The Paycheck Protection Program loan in respect to Knoxville businesses Michelle Childs
Matheson, Destiny Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Plant-Pollinator Matching: Morphological Traits Informing Pollinator Visitation Laura Russo
Midnight Carroll Biochemistry Cellular and Molecular Biology Interactions of RgsCam and ATG8e: Hypoxia Stress Responses in Plants Craig Conner
Miller, Ashley Psychology Vocabulary Skills Predict Decision Making Aaron Buss
Negussie, Eritrea Global Public Health in Eastern Africa COVID-19 Pandemic and its Effect on Stock Market Investing Behaviors Dr. Michelle Childs Dr. Christopher Sneed
Noordhoek, Kyle Physics and Chemistry Magnetic Characterization of SrRuO3 Thin Films Dr. Jian Liu
Norment, Jessica Psychology Montgomery 1960 Karen Boyd
Oldendorf, Madison Food Science Consumer Behavior and Retailing related to COVID-19 Michelle Childs, Christopher Sneed
Om, Julianne BCMB Single-Molecule Studies on DNA Bending by Transcription Factor Protein Sox2 Rajan Lamichhane
Pace, Nathan Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Analyzing Moss Calyptra Morphology Evolution Using Ancestral Character State Reconstruction Dr. Jessica Budke
Patel, Sneh Food Science with a Pre-Professional Concentration Covid-19’s Impact on the Dental Industry Michelle Childs, Christopher Sneed
Patton, Kendra BCMB Biological and Small Molecule Mass Spec Core
Perez, Sarah with

Hernandez, Itzanami

Mansour, Deema and

Noyes, Brie

Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology Perineuronal net expression in primary somatosensory cortex changes after maternal experience in an age-dependent manner Keerthi Krishnan
Phillips, Brent Management Covid-19’s Impact on Restaurant Marketing Strategies Michelle Childs and Christopher Sneed
Pierce III, William Electrical Engineering Variable Speed Drive Penetration on a Power System Dr. Leon Tolbert
Pinson, Mya

Allen, Elexis

Aerospace Engineering The Application of Machine Learning and Nanopore Sequencing to Plant Genomics/ Utilization of Machine Learning Principles in Relation to the Sequencing Accuracy of Plant Genomics via Nanopore Technologies​ Dr. Anahita Khojandi, Dr. Theodore Papamarkou
Prince, Mikayla Sociology – Environmental Issues Sustainable Development of Broiler Chicken in Rwanda Dr. Andrew Muhammad
Quezada, Emmanuel Neuroscience and Phsychology Montgomery 1960 Dr. Karen Boyd, Dr. Carey Staples
Reeder, Matthew Food Science Characterization of Different Pulses as Sources of Food Ingredients for Agricultural and Food Sustainability Dr. Vermont Dia
Schumacher, Niamh Food Science Optimizing the Nutritive Properties of Hempseed Coproducts Dr. Vermont Dia
Shannon, Katie International Development and Diplomacy Iraqi Refugees in Jordan: An Analysis of the Discourse that Shapes their Degree of Social Access Dr. Solange Muñoz
Smith, Miracle with

Gales, Kitonna

Sports Management Long Term Care Facility during Covid-19 Pandemic
Spradley, Madeline Biological Sciences Uncovering the Potential Effects of Codon Optimization Dr. Constance Bailey
Spurling, R. Jackson Materials Science and Engineering Supercritical Synthesis of VO2 Nanoparticles for Smart Window Films
Troop, Lindsey Geography Benefits of Exercise During COVID-19 Pandemic Michelle Childs and Chris Sneed
Van Auken, Emily Chemical Engineering One-pot Process for Biomass Fractionation and Value-added Chemicals Production in a Biphasic System Mi Li
Van Son, Nicholas Bachelors of Architecture “3D Printed High Performance Panels for Construction Automation” & “UT Face Shield for COVID-19” Maged Guerguis
Warner, Sarah Food Science Eradication of Cronobacter sakazakii through means of Ultraviolet Light Dr. Doris D’ Souza
Whitehead, Shelby Microbiology & Journalism Chlorella variabilis: how algae is helping us understand the world of viruses Steve Wilhelm
Wilson, Scarlett Physics Creation of pseudo-data and synthetic waveforms for BL2 experiment Nadia Fomin
Witherspoon Jaylin Graphic Design Montgomery 1960 Cary Staples
Wolfe, Krymsen with

Holt, Kara

Neuroscience Dopamine D1, Histamine H3, and N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Glutamate Receptor Trimers,  Histamine H3 Receptor Isoforms, and Alzheimer’s Disease Rebecca Prosser and Christopher Baker
Wood, Spencer Economics Montgomery 1960 Karen Boyd, Cary Staples
Wright, Wesleigh Geography Project #7: Montgomery 1960 (Version 2.0) – Integrating Marginalized Voices Dr. Karen Boyd, Dr. Cary Staples
Wyatt, Sydney Neuroscience The effects of sex and social status on behavior and neural activity in the ventral medial amygdala Matthew Cooper
Xue, Selena Neuroscience, Computer Science Minor Effects of the cytoskeleton on nuclear movement in Arabidopsis root hairs Andreas Nebenfuehr